23 and Never Been Kissed

I am twenty three years old and have never been kissed. I have never even had a boyfriend. Sure, there have been a couple guys that have shown interest in me but I pushed them away. I am not really looking for a boyfriend at this time. I do not know if I even want to get married.


I know some people might think that I am weird for never having a boyfriend. They might also think that I am gay since I don’t date. I really do not care what they think though. I know I am not gay. I have nothing to prove to anyone. All I care about is my happiness. And right now, that means no boyfriend.


I have so much freedom being single. I do not have to answer to anyone. I do not have to care about another person’s feelings or try to find the right gift. My time is mine to do what I want. I am not obligated to spend time with anyone. I had a friend that was in a long term relationship and she could never be apart from him for very long. It drove me crazy because she never wanted to spend much time with me. I love being free!


I really do not think right now is the best time for a boyfriend anyway. I suffer from depression off and on and I have a feeling that any boyfriend of mine would be scared away at that time. Plus, I am also very independent and know that I would have a difficult time becoming one with another person. I was always annoyed with my mom when I would ask her if I could do something and she told me she would have to talk to my dad first. She is free to do what she wants! Why can’t she make a decision on her own? I am depressed and independent and I have no room in my life for a boyfriend.


If the right guy comes along, I might consider marriage. But right now, I am not looking. I am happy being single with the freedom and independence that I have in my life because of it.


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