This summer, I almost got promoted at the amusement park where I work. I would have been promoted from a ride operator to a person that trains employees to run the rides. I say almost because after the supervisor learned that I had to leave before the end of the summer to start my teaching job, he decided to promote someone else. I was still honored that I had been considered because this promotion is not something you apply for. You are just asked.

Instead of promoting me, they promoted another girl in her twenties that had only two years of experience (just like me). Like me, this girl was kind to all of the guests, knew how to operate a lot of rides for being a second year, and was willing to work hard. But other employees were still being nasty about her promotion. One of the girl’s friends would not even speak to her. Another employee wanted to refuse training from her because she was only a second year. There were several people that thought she did not deserve it because of her age and years of experience.

Yeah, I believe that experience and time are great teachers. But also, this girl volunteered to work a lot of extra shifts and because of that, she knew more rides than the average second year. And if she is like me, that means that she knows almost all of them. That is why I believe that she deserved the promotion.

I had a friend that told me that if I had taken the promotion, he would not have spoken to me. But it was not like I turned down the promotion because of him. And I guess if that is the way he feels, than maybe he is not a real friend.


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