The Woman That Freaked Out

One day this summer at the amusement park, I was working a water ride, helping guests get off the ride. I noticed a woman in line that was not wearing shoes so I alerted the assistant that was doing loading and she politely let the guest know that shoes were required. The woman was not very pleased and made some comments but since she had her shoes in her hands, I am not sure why she was complaining so much. It was not like she had to get out of line to get her shoes.

Once the ride was over, the woman just hung out in the station. We cannot allow that because it becomes too crowded and dangerous for employees and other guests. The same assistant asked the woman to please exit and that is when the woman flipped out. She said several swear words and started yelling that the assistant needed to change her attitude. A supervisor just happened to be close by so we alerted him and he talked to the woman.

The woman came back later and she was a completely different person. She was all friendly and willing to follow the rules.

I am still confused by her behavior. There was no reason for her to flip out. She was given very simple requests and she was asked politely. There was also no reason for her to swear, especially in front of a little girl that I am guessing was her daughter.




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