What I Learned in High School

As I look back at my high school career, I know I learned a lot. But now, I cannot remember most of what I learned. Today, I would not be able to help my brothers with their algebra or help them studying for a science test. Most of what I learned in high school made me a well rounded person but all the information I learned is not something that I have ever used so I have forgotten it.


In math, I learned how to find the measurements of angles and sides of triangles. I also memorized complicated formulas for solving something. Look around though. There are not a lot of triangles that need to be measured. And it is a little difficult to use complicated equations when I do not even know what their purpose is. My teacher used to tell us that we did not need to know algebra if we were going to go live in the mountains but I do not think I have used any algebra since I graduated.


In history, I learned about early civilizations and about important people in the world. I memorized dates and places. I know history is important so that we can learn from the past and not make the same mistakes. But there is just too much history to learn. And history is being made everyday. I would rather just learn about the most important events and then learn more about what is going on in the world today.


In English, I memorized lines from Romeo and Juliet. I read countless other stories and then answered long, complicated questions. I identified certain parts of speech in lots of sentences. The only time it helps that I have read Romeo and Juliet is when it is mentioned in pop culture. And it really does not help that I can identify parts of speech. I just write sentences and then edit them later until they sound perfect.


In government, I memorized the names of people in government even though when they appear on the news, their position is listed underneath their name. I looked at countless political cartoons and attended way more city council meetings than were necessary.


In science, I learned the kingdoms and orders of countless species only to forget them after the test. I made roller coasters out of folders and drew pictures of pulleys. The experiments were fun but I often had trouble seeing how they were educational.


I am not saying that everything I learned in high school was pointless. It all really depends on what a person wants to do with their life. And really, if schools want their students to remember the information taught, they need to find a way for students to use it in their personal lives rather than just at school. Otherwise, they will forget it just like I did after the test.



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