Why I Blog

A couple years ago, I had a college instructor that told me he wished I had spoke up more in class because he wanted to hear my opinions. I had to laugh. I am a very opinionated person. I choose to rarely share my opinions because I do not want to offend anyone or have people judge me. That is why I choose to blog.


Through my blog, I can write about my opinions and not worry about offending anyone. I do not know the people reading the blogs. But I would know the people that I personally talked with about my opinions. People that decide to read my blogs are reading them by their own choice and therefore, it is not my problem how they respond.


Another reason I choose to blog is because there are some things that I just do not feel comfortable talking about in person with people that know me. Depression and cutting are things I do not talk about. Very few people know that I struggle with depression and absolutely no one knows that I cut. Through my blogs, I feel all right talking about those things since I do not know them. I also want people to know about my struggles. But I do not want people that know me to judge me.


The final reason I blog is because I love to write. Again, I want to share what I write with others but I do not want people I know to read my writing. I do not want them to try to give me their opinions on my writing. I do not want them questioning why I write a lot about mental illness. It is easier to share my writing with people I do not know.


My blogs are like my diary. But unlike my private diary, I am ok with sharing my blogs with people that I do not know. I am sharing my opinions and writing with others. That is why I choose to blog.


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