Writing and Depression

I don’t know how I figured out that there is a link between people that like to write and depression but there is. In fact, writing is one of the top ten professions which people will suffer from depression. Since I am a writer that suffers from depression, I can see why there is a connection.

            Most writers are introverted, quiet people, just like me. They often spend a lot of time in isolation. I don’t like to share much with anyone, not even my best friend. Instead, I write my secrets in a diary. The diary doesn’t give advice though.

            Writing also involves digging into yourself. There are things I have learned about myself just through writing fiction. I don’t know a lot about psychology but I think if psychologists were to read all that I write, they might learn some interesting things about me. Sometimes, I do write about events that really happened to me but I do make some changes so that these events fit into my fictional writing. Sometimes, these events are painful to relive.

            As a writer, I also tend to live in my head or in an imaginary world. I am often envious of the lives I create for my characters. I spend a lot of time living their lives rather than my own. But how else am I going to write good fiction if I don’t try to understand my characters.

            Writers are also filled with a lot of self doubt. They doubt whether what they are writing is something people will want to read. I have often gotten halfway through writing something only to doubt whether it is any good. I thought it was a good idea at the beginning but than I change my mind. It can be difficult to finish something at that point.

            Finally, writers don’t get much exercise and spend a lot of time staring at computer screens. Both these things can contribute to depression. The computer is a necessary tool to a writer though. Sure, we can write by hand but a computer can do so much more. First of all, a computer can protect your work (if it is backed up). Second, a computer can correct spelling and grammar. And third a computer has more functions then a piece of paper and a pen. You have access to different fonts and tools that can help with the final product.

            Writing is a tough life. It may be causing my depression, but it is also making me happy. I don’t want to give up my writing.



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