Will You Watch the Dog?

About a month ago, my grandparents told me that they were going out of town for the weekend and needed someone to watch their dog. It would involve arriving at their house sometime on Friday and staying until sometime on Sunday. I am not a dog person and really did not want to give up my whole weekend but I agreed to do it because it was my grandparents.


I had forgotten that something was going on that weekend and I was not pleased that I had to miss out to watch the dog.


As the weekend approached, I began dreading it. I knew it was going to be a boring weekend at my grandparents’ house. I would be all by myself and expected to make meals out of whatever they happened to have in the kitchen. I would have to find someway to entertain myself for forty eight hours.


Friday morning, my grandma called and said that my grandpa was sick so they were staying home. They might try to go the next weekend and if I was free, that would be great but if I was not, than they would put the dog in a kennel. I was not pleased that I had cancelled my plans for that weekend for nothing but relieved that I was free from watching the dog.


Over the next few days, my dad was constantly asking me if I would watch the dog the next weekend. I had not made my plans official but I was thinking about going to my friend’s graduation. I would not be able to watch the dog. I was annoyed that just because I said once that I would watch the dog that it would be carried over to another weekend.


My grandparents did not end up going that weekend and I went to the graduation (I would have gone to the graduation even if they had decided to go and then would not have been able to watch the dog).


A couple weeks after that, they asked me again. I had already made possible plans with a friend and told them that I probably would not be able to watch the dog. They called me the next day and said they were not going to be leaving for awhile.


I do have a life. And while I agreed to watch the dog one weekend, I cannot be expected to continue dropping my plans until my grandparents finally do go.


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