Women Clothing

My parents are very conservative when it comes to clothing. I have had to be very careful how I dress because otherwise, they will criticize my clothing. And really, I am pretty conservative myself. I do not like to wear clothing that is very revealing or will make me feel uncomfortable. But my parents are much more conservative than me. I remember one time my dad got after me for a t-shirt that I was wearing. He said it was too small. It was a perfect fit.


It is difficult to watch TV and not have my mom criticize the clothing the girls are wearing. We were watching a parade on TV once and my mom was constantly talking about how the girls twirling flags were dressed. She complained about how big some of the girls were and how small their outfits were. Then, she talked about how they must be cold because of how revealing their outfits were.


I know in the Bible it says that women should dress conservatively. I totally agree. I also believe that today, some people really do not care so they wear clothing that is very revealing. We live in a different world today. I am not saying that I agree with that though. Women should still have standards.


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