You Can’t See the Stars

People that have grown up in the city never want to leave. But then, people who have grown up in the country can’t stand the city. I live in a small town with a population of about three thousand. There is only one stoplight and everybody knows every one in town as well as their business. There isn’t a lot to do in town so if we want to go to Walmart or do anything fun, we have to drive thirty five miles to the city. This summer, I decided to move to the city to work. It was quite the experience. Now that I have experienced living in both a small town and the city, I must say that I could live in either one. There are positives and negatives to both.

            Driving in the city is quite different. I couldn’t go anywhere without going through several stoplights. And they weren’t like the stoplights I was used to. There were several stoplights at each intersection and sometimes you had to turn left or go straight, depending on what lane you were in. A part of me really liked the stoplights because you knew when to go, unlike in a small town when the person on the right is supposed to go first (that doesn’t always happen). What I didn’t like about all the stoplights is that I had to stop all the time. When I came back home, I found that I didn’t know how to drive in a small town anymore. I wanted to stop at every intersection.

            It is easy to see why there needs to be so many stoplights though. There are so many more businesses in the city. If I wanted to go to Walmart, it only took me about five minutes to get there. There were so many places I could get to in just a few minutes. And there were so many different options for each business. There were so many restaurants within a couple of blocks. I had to laugh because there were two McDonalds within about two or three streets. There is only one McDonalds in my hometown and we have that one because we are along the interstate. Also, the movie theatre showed several different movie options at the same time. And they showed them all for more then one week. I just loved all the business options the city offered.

            With all those businesses and stoplights, there is so much extra light. It makes it hard to see the stars. Every night, I would look out my window and only see a dark, orangish glare created from all the city lights. I had always taken the stars for granted. I didn’t realize that so many people don’t have the opportunity to enjoy them like I do.

            There certainly are a lot of people in the city. At church, there were several people that realized I was new there. But there were also so many people there that I never had the opportunity to meet. They probably didn’t even realize that I was new to the church. At home, I recognize nearly everybody at church. When someone new walks in the door, everybody knows it. It is a nice thing though. Everybody cares about everybody. At the same time however, it is nice to meet new people but also not know everything about them. People deserve to have some privacy in their lives. That is a little difficult to have in a small town that loves to gossip.

            I was sad to leave the city and all the shopping options. I was also glad to come home and see all the people that I have known for nearly all my life. The city certainly does have a lot to offer, but so does a small town. It is hard for me to say which one is better.


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