You Said You Would Call

The other day, my friend sent me a Facebook message saying that she wanted to call me that night and asked when would be a good time. I prefer phone calls to be spontaneous but I figured she must really have wanted to talk to me and she wanted to make sure I would answer my phone. I responded that anytime that night worked and she sent back another message saying that she would call between seven and eight. I was not sure how she would even have time to call because her Facebook post said that she had four papers to write but since she sent me the message, I figured she would make time.


I found plenty to do while waiting for her phone call. It is a good thing I did not just sit around waiting for her to call because she never did. I was actually looking forward to her call and was very disappointed when she never did. That is why phone calls should be spontaneous. With unplanned phone calls, there is no hope or disappointment.


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