I can be a loner. Sure, I like friends, but I also have no problem doing things on my own. I guess that is what happens when your friends all abandon you throughout the years. After I moved back home after college, none of my friends were around any more. I did not really talk to the friends that were because we no longer had anything in common. I talked to a few of my college friends but they lived too far away to hang out with often.

Then there was the summer that I moved to the city and lived with my aunt and uncle while I worked at the amusement park. I made friends with the other employees and I would occasionally hang out with them when I was not working but I was also ok being by myself. They had other friends of their own as well as obligations that I did not have since I was just a visitor in the city for the summer.

Now, I have moved to a small town where there is nobody my age. I do hang out with another teacher occasionally. She is a few years older than me and does have family obligations though. I always say yes though when she invites me to do something because I appreciate her friendship.

It does bother the people I know here as well as my when I do something by myself. One weekend when the fair was going on, some woman came to my door and asked if I wanted to go to the fair with her. I did not know her but it turns out her mom works at the school. That was a little weird but she was concerned that I spent too much time alone in my apartment. But who else am I supposed to invite? I went to a movie last night by myself. I went to a tourist attraction last weekend by myself. I had fun.

I have friends, but I am also comfortable doing my own thing, by myself.


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