Depression Misconceptions

When I first found out that I had depression when I was sixteen, I had many misconceptions. Time soon revealed to me what depression really meant. Here are some of my misconceptions:

1. Depression is just sadness and wanting to kill yourself.

There are also overwhelming thoughts as well as the inability to focus or do much of anything. Depression is so much more than sadness.

2. You can snap out of depression.

Believe me, I tried that and found it impossible. Normally, I am a very positive person but a positive attitude does not help.

3. People with depression are lazy.

The summer that I was sixteen, I found myself sitting on the couch a lot, staring into space. I was wasting my whole summer doing nothing. I decided I would make a list of things I wanted to do the next day and then when I woke up, I would get started immediately on my list. I told myself I could sit on the couch and do nothing after I finished my list. But then every morning, I would not even touch the list. Eventually I realized that I was not being lazy. Depression had just caused me to lose interest in things I once enjoyed.

4. Cutting is a sick-minded idea. Who honestly would want to hurt themselves?

Now I know that cutting is impulsive and a person who cuts does it for many reasons.

5. Christians do not get depressed.

Once I became a Christian at age 20, I thought I would never be depressed again. I had Jesus and that was all I ever needed. You can imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later, I was depressed. I eventually realized God was using me through my depression.


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