I recently moved to the middle of no where. Before I moved, I bought a new TV and an antenna. Growing up, my family never had cable and I felt no need to get it for myself. Lately, it seems that there is nothing good on anyway. I really did not want to pay for nothing.

Once I tried to hook up my antenna though, I realized that all I was going to get was PBS. I was very disappointed. I did not want to pay for TV.

My mom told me that since I am in a tiny town all by myself, I needed to get cable for entertainment. So one day, I decided I was going to do it. But then I found out that if I was going to get cable, I was also going to have to pay for phone. I was disappointed. They actually had a good deal for cable where I only had to pay a little bit and I could get the basic channels.

I decided if I was going to pay for phone, than I might as well have internet instead of cable. I knew I could watch my favorite shows online.

My mom is having a hard time understanding why I do not have TV. She does not really understand the internet though. I must admit, I am kind of a TV addict. Instead of TV though, I am just watching old shows on Youtube and IMDB. I am still watching a lot of shows but just on the computer. My mom just thinks I need cable.


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