The Teacher that Cuts

I have had issues with self injury for awhile. Just when I think I have broken the habit, I will do it just once and then I feel guilty that I did it. This time around, I do it quite often. I really do not care though. I am just anxious to do something about my problems that I take them out on my wrist.

I have never been one to actually break the skin though. I just take something sharp and scratch my skin. The scratches are really bad but they disappear by morning. Last night’s scratches did not disappear though. I went to school with cuts on my arms. They look like cat scratches. Everyone knows I do not have a cat. Thankfully, I mostly just see third and fourth graders all day though and they do not know about cutting.

I hate how I let people get to my wrist though. I hate how I deal with my problems by using something sharp on my wrist.


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