Get to Know the Real Me

People take one look at me and make a quick judgement about me. They decide that I am not worth getting to know. Well, why not look past the thick, frizzy hair and look at my heart. It would not hurt you to actually give me a chance. In fact, it would probably do us both a lot of good.

The girl you refuse to get to know is a Christian with aspirations to be a writer for God. That is one thing you will not notice when you are busy criticizing the baggy clothes she is wearing.

The girl you complain is really quiet suffers from depression. A friend would actually do her good. But instead, the comments you say to her will result in her taking a blade to her wrist tonight.

You might think that she is a little kid when you hear the movies, books, and music she likes but they are just a reflection of her Christian values.

And with her Christian values also comes love and compassion towards everyone. She will treat you with kindness no matter what.

You complain that she works too much but have you ever thought that maybe there is a reason? Like maybe she is lonely and just looking for some people to be near.

You are quick to criticize but you really know nothing. You would be wise to keep your mouth shut and get to know the real me.


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