Pierced Ears

I pierced my own ears last night. I already had two holes in each ear but I wanted another. I thought it would be easy. I have heard of people doing it all the time. I would just take a starter earring, poke it through my ear and be done. I did not think the pain would be a problem. I mean, I am able to cut myself. How different could it be?

It took me thirty minutes to get the first earring through. It took me an hour to do the second. The reason it took longer was because I was having trouble doing my right ear since I am right handed. The earring kept moving around.

I would have given up if it had not been that I had already done the other ear. I know if I had started with the right ear I would have given up. If  had known how difficult it would be for me, I never would have done it in the first place.


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