Walmart vs. Hyvee

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to shopping for food. Some people prefer Walmart or Hyvee and some people prefer some place completely different. I guess I am a Walmart person because that is where my mom has always gone.

Yesterday, I went to the Hyvee for the first time. I have only been on my own for a few months and do not have a lot of food prices memorized but I could not help but feel that Hyvee was definitely higher priced. There were some items that I felt I could get cheaper at the high priced grocery store in my area.

I was impressed with the selection at Hyvee though. I mean, Walmart does not have an aisle and a half devoted to cheese. But for me, I do not need a variety of cheese. And personally, price is important to me. I only ended up getting one thing because it was on sale.


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