Depression and Going Back to School

A four year college degree is not enough any more. If a person wants a job, they are expected to have multiple degrees, minors, or endorsements. I heard from many of my college professors that I would not get hired as an elementary teacher without an additional endorsement. I refused to take any more classes though.

I was very depressed in college. My last year, I got very stressed and reached the point that I was contemplating suicide quite often. I do not believe that any college class is worth what I went through that year. Unfortunately, employers do not see that. They look at transcripts and think a person is not motivated.

That is partly why I have not gone back to school since I have graduated. I have friends now working on their masters and I feel pressured to go back for something. But I just can’t. I cannot go back to school and work at the same time. It was bad enough in college and I think it would be even worse today since I am working full time.

The world is just not made for people suffering from mental illness.


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