I Wore My Crocs to School Today

In my tiredness, I did not realize this morning that I accidently slipped on my crocs instead of my dress shoes this morning. I only realized what I had done when I had arrived at school. I talked to another teacher and discovered that the administrators do not really care what is on our feet. So I started the day off comfortable.

The morning was good because my students had two specials first thing in the morning so I was able to get my lesson plans almost completed. I also accomplished a lot which made me feel good since this week I have noon duty and I have little time to get things done.

Throughout the day (and it was a short day due to a teacher’s inservice) the papers that needed grading piled up. Then, there was the inservice that prevented me from getting the papers graded. Even though inservices are supposed to be over at four, they never end on time. And what really bugs me is that usually, teachers are required to stay until four every day. That gives us at least thirty minutes to get papers graded and do things in the classroom. That does not happen on inservice days unless a teacher wants to stay later.

When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher hated teachers that complained about inservices being a waste of time. But what if it is true? I mean, I do not feel that I benefited from much that was discussed today.

And now, I have additional stress due to all the papers that did not get graded as well as all the other projects that did not get accomplished because I did not feel like staying extremely late to do them.

What started off as a decent day quickly turned the other way.


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