The Leaking Fish Tank

I rarely have a good week because of the bad behavior demonstrated by my students. I am usually looking forward to the weekend Sunday night. The week drags on because I just want a break from my students. And then I get to the weekend and it is a big disappointment because they only thing I have to do is school work and chores.

As if my weekends are not bad enough, I was feeling depressed yesterday morning when I woke up. It took me a while to get going and get to work on my chores. It was not an enjoyable Saturday mostly because of the depression.

It always seems when the odds are in my favor, they are really in my favor and when they are not, they are really not. There is no middle. Yesterday, the odds were really not in my favor. On top of my depression, I had a leaking fish tank to deal with and then my sewing machine was not cooperating. It is as if my depression were not enough to deal with yesterday.


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