Small Town Depression

I grew up in a small town of 3,000 people. I always thought my town was lame though. If I could have moved to a bigger city, I would have. And then one day my wish came true. I got a job at the amusement park in a big city.

At the beginning though, I was very scared to be living in such a large city. I was scared to drive any where because the different lanes and all the traffic intimidated me. I was also scared about crime. But after awhile, I became more comfortable living in the city and realized that I could be happy in both a small town or a large city.

That was before I moved to the small town where I live now. The population is only 200. The town has a grocery store and a few other small businesses but nothing else. It is so boring. I have been unhappy since shortly after arriving.

Today, I drove to one of the nearest large towns (50 miles away) so that I could see a movie and do some shopping. As I passed countless fields, I could not help but feel depressed. I hate my life. I hate the fact that I am in such a tiny town.  I hate how I have basically no friends. There is really no people in this town my age (I wonder why). I hate how I live so far from my family. Is it any surprise that I am feeling so depressed.


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