Family and the Holidays

I have always been a family person. I enjoy spending time with my family. I look forward to family events. But lately, I have had the feeling that my dad’s side of the family does not necessarily have the same opinions as me. I am going to use names in this blog but the names have been changed.

Aunt Janet called me this summer when I was still working at the amusement park. She wanted me to join the family for homemade ice cream before I moved to the middle of no where. She wanted to get together some weekend. The call came too late though. I had changed my work schedule the day before for the next week so I was going to be working the next weekend. I was moving the week after that so there were no more weekends for us to get together.

Aunt Janet has always been one to hold a grudge if things do not go her way but since I was about to move really far away, I did not care. Yeah, I was disappointed that I could not join the get-together but it was not my fault. If my aunt had called the day before, I could have done something about it.

The problem with Aunt Janet may be over, but now there is another incident with Aunt Lydia. Aunt Lydia thinks we need to have Christmas early because my grandpa is having his knee replaced a couple days before. The first date I heard was some weekend (I think it was the 14th). I was kind of upset about this date because I will be unable to attend. I am coming home the next weekend for Christmas and am not going to go home the week before. I live too far away to come home for just one weekend. What really bothers me is that nobody even asked if that weekend would work for me. No one seems to even care if I will be able to attend.

The next date for Christmas I heard was December 20th (a Saturday). I could make it home that day but I am actually planning on going home the next day so I can attend a church event. The thing is, I really do not care anymore. If I am not wanted, than should I even bother change my plans?

I know that it sounds like I am being self-centered and witchy, but I am having trouble understanding my feelings involving my family.


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