Classroom Decorating

It is no secret that I have been feeling lonely. I am in the middle of no where with no family and few friends. I spend many nights watching TV and surfing the net.

Today, the custodian entered my classroom at the end of the day and commented on how few holiday decorations I had. I have a Christmas tree in the corner and snowmen on the bulletin board that the students made. I decided not to go to all that work to decorate the classroom for three weeks. I feel the classroom should be about the students, not the decorations. Plus, we are not allowed to use tape on the walls and the sticky stuff I have been using is old and not doing the job. Things fall off all the time.

The custodian then made the comment that I should spend some of my lonely nights at school decorating. That kind of upset me. I already spend too much time at the school trying to get caught up on real work. And I manage my time fairly well.

The teacher before me apparently had very elaborate bulletin boards but she did all the work. She did not let the students do any of the decorating. I think my students enjoy our bulletin board just as much as they probably liked her’s because they got to do the decorating.


One thought on “Classroom Decorating

  1. And that’s why the custodian is the custodian and not a teacher! Keep doing what you’re doing- you know your kids better than anyone and don’t listen to the nay sayers. If you haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it off” I suggest you google it, And then sing it!!


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