College Moms

My friend posted on Facebook today that she would be graduating with an associates degree. We graduated from high school five and a half years ago. She attended college for a year and a half but then got married and dropped out. Her next comment was about how difficult it was to go to school with a kid.

I am not trying to put down mothers that choose to go back to school. If that is God’s plans and it will better their family’s lives then I think that is great. However, this friend could easily have waited to get married. Many people have said life should be in this order: School, marriage, and then kids.

And it is not like regular college students always have it easy. Yeah, I did not have to deal with young kids or worry about taking care of a house or a family, but I had my own problems. I had severe depression and that really made things difficult for me. I am not trying to compare college moms with mental illness. Also, I am very proud of my friend. I guess we just have different opinions on how life should be.


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