The Classroom and the Essay Contest

I read about this essay contest so I told my students about it. Many of them were interested and got started writing right away. However, a few days later, they had forgotten about the contest without ever finishing their essays. They realized a couple days ago that the deadline for the contest was coming up. I told the students that they needed to get going but then we did not have time to do much. Then, we had computer issues that we could do nothing about. The deadline for the contest was yesterday. I had received two essays the day before and one the day they were due. As I was preparing to submit the essays, I realized that the essays had to be received by the eleventh. Most contests want the entries to be postmarked by the last day, not received. There was no way I could get the essays there so I just did not send them. I feel horrible. The students did a really bad job on the essays but they at least deserved the chance. I mean, they did try. I guess next time I will make sure I read the rules more closely and have the students submit their essays to me in advance so that the same thing will not happen again. As a new teacher though, I am still learning.


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