My Day with OCD Tendencies

I have never been diagnosed with OCD and I have read blogs about people that hate others that self-diagnose themselves with mental illness but I do exhibit several symptoms. Here are just a few of the things I do. If I do not do these things right or have objects in a certain position, I feel like something bad will happen, like I will get fired from my job.

1. I leave light on in bathroom, unlock door, and then turn on light in kitchen

2. I feed the fish first and then check on hermit crabs in the morning.

3. I get my cereal ready and then put cereal away before eating

4. I turn on hall light before turning off kitchen light

5. I must get dressed in a certain order

6. I must brush my hair, then my teeth (in a certain order) and then wash my face

7. I will eat a waffle and then pack my lunch and take it to living room. I must open all the computer programs I need during the school day before leaving

8. I need to use a certain key to unlock and lock my car doors

9. Pen must face a certain direction

10. Remotes must be stacked on top of each other and face a certain direction

11. Food in cupboards has a certain placement

12. My teddy bear must be in the chair before I go to bed

13. Computer must be turned off before I go to bed

14. When I shower, the fan must be turned on

15. When I am reading or writing, I cannot stop on Chapter 13. I have to read or write chapters 12, 13, and 14 all in one day

These are just a few of the things I feel compelled to do. Pretty much my life has a routine and order and if it is not met, something bad will happen.


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