The Week before Christmas in the Classroom

When I made my lesson plans last week, I knew that this week was going to be easy. We had wrapped up every subject except science so with the exception of that class, everything I did consisted of different review activities that I thought the students would enjoy.

On Monday, there was no school due to snow and Tuesday, there was a late start and I just knew my week was going to be even easier than I had originally thought. Really though, this has been one of the worst weeks I have ever experienced.

Tuesday, the students were wound up. I had expected this since my class is usually very wild on a normal day. I knew with Christmas approaching they would be even crazier. But I expected them to be quieter on Tuesday because they always are after a weekend. But I guess because of the snow, they got extra rest. So they just got steadily crazier throughout the week.

Tuesday brought more than just wild students though. On top of my student problems, the music teacher decided the students needed extra music practice for their concert. She kept them an extra thirty minutes. It was a good thing the only subject I wanted to accomplish anything this week was science.

On Tuesday, I also got a bill from the book company saying that I owed money before Christmas. I had not ordered anything recently and I had paid the last bill. But when I called the company, they told me I needed to contact the parent that had ordered the book and get some bank information from them.

Despite the book problem, I figured Wednesday would be easy. We had an inservice in the afternoon so it was a short day. Plus, I got the book problem figured out early that morning after another call to the company. The company was charging me for a book that they had accidentally duplicated in my order. When I told them about the mistake several weeks ago, they told me I could keep the book for free. But then they forgot to take it off my bill.

But then on Wednesday, the students had a surprise music practice. Then, I spent the next two hours at the most pointless inservice ever. We got nothing accomplished. We talked about having meetings to talk about curriculum. We also had a library meeting that lasted thirty minutes even though the idea they decided to go with was the one that I suggested at the very beginning of the meeting.

I was dreading Thursday. It was a full day and I was not in the mood to deal with students. Then, I ended up having two students gone and because I needed to have grades done before Christmas, I was busy trying to arrange makeup work.

I should have known that I could not have a normal, decent day. Because there was a very disorganized music practice that lasted over an hour in which I stayed to help. Then, my students had barely gotten back when another student got sick in the classroom.

Thursday night was the music concert and the students were required to be there an hour early. I showed up about forty five minutes early and then had to help with costumes and makeup. Then, I spent the next hour backstage watching and assisting with the concert.

I went home exhausted. Of course, I did not sleep very good.

I was dreading today as well. I really did not have anything planned because it was the Christmas party. I knew I would be dealing with overexcited kids that do not behave on a good day. And sure enough, they met my expectations. We did not even get out early so I had to spend seven and a half hours watching the kids watch a movie and then play games. It may sound easy but it was not. They would not be quiet and they were not being nice to each other.

I guess now I have two weeks to recover from the short/long week I just experienced. And I am going to need every minute of it.


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