The Classroom Fish

At the beginning of the school year, one of my students decided we needed a class fish. I was fine with that because  I have fish of my own. The parent had said she would bring in everything the fish needed. The students were so excited.

The mother cut a lot of corners though. She brought in a small clear tote box for the tank and brought in goldfish food even though the fish was not a goldfish. She had not brought a filtration system or anything else.

A couple weeks later, the fish died, probably from lack of oxygen. It happened over a three day weekend so I told the kids that was the reason why he probably died. The kids wanted another fish but I told them I would think about it after Christmas. I really did not want to have to deal with a fish over the long break.

I had kind of forgotten about the fish until a couple weeks ago when one of the students reminded me. I have done a lot of thinking about it and I have decided we are not going to get a fish for the classroom.

First of all, I have fish and hermit crabs of my own. I also work at an amusement park during the summer that is several hours away. I live with my aunt and uncle during the summer and I have no room in my car or at their house for an extra aquarium. If the students ask, that is what I will tell them.

My mom told me I could probably get a fish if I let one of the students take it home during the summer. I know my students though. They are very lazy. If I let one of them take it, the fish won’t come back alive. And for me, I am very attached to my pets.

Plus, my students’ behavior since the beginning of the school year has been terrible. They do not deserve a fish.

Well, at least I gave it some serious thought. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen.


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