I Want My Eyebrow Back!

During Christmas break, all I really wanted was to regrow my left eyebrow. With trichotillomania, I have trouble keeping my eyebrows. I usually have bald spots in them. I normally pull out my hair when I am reading or talking on the phone. I thought Christmas would be the best time to regrow my eyebrow. I would not be reading to my students for two weeks so all I would have to worry about is when I read to myself. I would also not have to worry about talking on the phone because I only usually talk to my parents and to another teacher. I figured I would not talk to the teacher during break and I would not call my parents because I would be staying with them.

I was doing great. There were times that I really had to exercise control when I was reading but the hair was coming back. My eyebrow did not look perfect. The hair was obviously thinner but at least it was there.

I came back home after thirteen days of vacation. I had not even been back for an hour when my phone rang. And that was the end of my progress with my eyebrow. I did not tear out all of it. But I have a mostly bald spot again.


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