When is it Going to be Summer?

A week ago, I decided I would like to take a day off and come home. I had not missed any days yet and I figured I deserved a break. I really did not think I should need to have a break three weeks after Christmas vacation but lately, I have just hated going to school. I have a difficult group of students and I am extremely anxious each morning about going to school. I am so anxious in fact that I feel like I am going to be sick.

I got last Friday off so I spent Monday evening doing lesson plans. I do not like doing lesson plans on a Monday because things can happen during the week that change lesson plans but I knew it was to be a chaotic week. I had noon duty for the week on top of preparations for being gone.

Tuesday, I woke up exhausted and shaky. I wanted nothing more than to stay home (partly because I was exhausted but also partly because I did not want to deal with my students). I knew those were not valid reasons for skipping work though so I went. And then came home at about nine o’clock because I was not feeling good.

Because I was gone Tuesday, that created even more work for me on Wednesday. And to make matters worse, PE was cancelled so I got even less prep time.

Wednesday was just crazy. I had a ton of papers to grade in my thirty minute break. I also had lesson plans to finish as well as things to prepare for Friday. I stayed late Wednesday at school trying to get it all done. I was not able to though because one of the teachers suggested we got out to eat. Then, when we got done, I had an hour to finish packing, complete lesson plans, and fill my car with gas before choir practice.

I survived the week and was able to have a relaxing three day weekend. Of course, I am not ready to go back to school tomorrow. I just do not know how I am going to make it to summer. It has only been three weeks since Christmas vacation and already I really want a long break.


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