Valentine Loneliness

I used to have a roommate in college that got ‘depressed’ Valentine’s Day because she was single. She was so desperate to have a boyfriend, especially on Valentine’s Day. I was single that whole time too and was never bothered about the holiday. I knew that I had friends and family close by and that was just as important to me. Plus, I looked at Valentine’s Day as a holiday created by the greeting card companies to make a profit.

This year, especially with Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday, I will be alone. The only people I will get to see are the people at the grocery store. I cannot go home for the holiday and my only friend  has a special someone. The very idea of being alone bothers me. I am lonely every night and weekend anyway. I am not looking for a special someone or even a special day. I just want to spend Valentine’s Day with someone who cares about me.

Thankfully, my friend invited me out on Saturday. I was shocked that she would want to include me on that special day but I am relieved that I do not have to be alone!


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