Get Out of This Town

When I first came to this tiny town, I was excited to be moving out on my own and happy that I had a real job. At the same time, I was not very happy about moving to such a small town. I came with a positive attitude though. I was determined to like this town.

Right after I came, I met a lot of people that were excited that I was here. Through all the introductions, I learned several peoples’ ages. I was constantly being told about the 90+ older people in the community. I could not help but think that those people had life figured out. Maybe this community was all right after all.

I did come with a positive attitude, but I know now that this place is not for me. These people maybe have life figured out, but maybe that is because they have not experienced what I have. I know that there is more that the world has to offer and it is definitely not coming from here. I mean, the bank is only open on weekdays until four for goodness sakes! And there is definitely more to life than cows.

I am searching for teaching jobs everyday. I want to move to a larger town closer to my family. This town is definitely not for me. I feel like the theme song to my life is Carrie Underwood’s song, Get Out of This Town. 


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