Recycling and Feeling Lonely

This morning, I went to get rid of my weekly recycling and found that I could not get the new compartments on the recycling bin open. It was embarrassing and I eventually had to give up and walk home. Normally, I go right to the grocery store from there but there was no way I was going to take my recycling into the store. It is no wonder why people do not want to recycle.

The incident at the recycling bin just made me feel down though. I mean, I always feel down on weekends but this just added to my day. Despite my dislike for my job, at least I am around people. On weekends, it is just me and the fish. I often talk to myself or listen to music or audiobooks just so I can hear something.

I would feel even worse since today is Valentine’s Day and I have nobody, not even family, but one of my friends invited me to her house tonight, saving me from a pointless holiday alone to one where I will have companionship.


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