It Was One of Those Weeks

I was not looking forward to this week. I had noon duty and usually, it is long and horrible. Plus, without that extra thirty minutes, the work really piles up on you. Just in case I did not have enough to deal with it, more things were added to my plate.

We had testing on both Monday and Tuesday. That really messed with the class schedule. Even though I am flexible, my students do like consistency.

Then, on Tuesday, the lightbulb in my SMART Board died, leaving me to use the regular white board. I had no idea how often I used it until that happened. The bulb was changed on Wednesday but the box saying the bulb was dead did not disappear so I am still unable to use it.

Then, on Wednesday, there was this huge art show. I took my students to it at the end of the day but another teacher thought we should go after school. She is also trying to hook me up with my neighbor so she invited him too. I begged off after school because I had too much work to do (that happens when your only breaks are first thing in the morning). I did go out to dinner with them like we had planned and then afterwards, I had to go to choir.

When I got home that night, I had a million things to do. I would be leaving the next day after school to go home so I had packing and other things that needed to get done.

Yesterday was the long awaited day. I could not wait to get home. But before I could leave, I had a student that got in major trouble out at recess. I decided to send him to the principal but he was out of the building and I was left to deal with the situation. I finally decided to take away the boy’s entire recess since I knew I had to do something drastic. Later, I saw the principal and told him what happened. He supported my decision and also talked to the boy.

Finally, I got to go home. A little ways down the road though, I realized that I needed gas. I stopped at the next gas station and could not get my debit card to go through at the pump. I decided to pay inside but then the card would not go through there either. The guy behind the counter tried several times but finally we had to give up. Thankfully, I happened to have another card with me. I ended up going to the bank today after it happened again at Target. The bank had changed names two days ago and that had an affect on my card.

It was just one of those weeks but thankfully, it is over.


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