A Teacher’s Rant

Yesterday morning, I began thinking about how it would be nice to go home for the weekend. I was rather surprised by this thought since it was only Tuesday. Plus, I had just gone home for Easter two weeks ago and summer will be here in three weeks. I had thought I would probably just stay here until summer. I kept debating whether I should go home because if I did, I would want to take a day off from school. I live four hours away and I am going to make my trip worthwhile.

After the day I had yesterday, I finally decided I should go home. I was so angry yesterday. One of the special teachers cancelled class because there was something going on in the gym and she did not want music class to disrupt them. The thing is, the event was happening an hour after my class so there would be no interference. And, she could have chosen to do something quiet. Instead, she chose to cancel class. I am not allowed to do that. And when she decided to cancel class, I suddenly have to find something to keep my class busy for that thirty minutes. Why should that be my responsibility? And why should I have to give up my break in order to supervise? I sometimes I only get a thirty minute break the entire day if I have noon duty for a week (thankfully I did not have noon duty yesterday). I definitely need a break because of all the behavior problems in my class. And, the thing is, another special from a different teacher got cancelled on Friday so my only break is at lunch (again, no noon duty, thankfully).

Plus, I have had so many students gone that I am constantly preparing work to go home or trying to get students caught up. And, we are testing this week. It is not fun. My life does not get any easier when one of my students does not take their medicine, leaving me to deal with constant disruptions.

I finally decided to call my mom and tell her that I am coming home this weekend with the intention of taking Monday off. I really wanted to take Friday off but there are so many teachers gone that day that I was afraid that I would not get a sub. Plus, even though I hate Mondays like most people, I also like them because we have two specials on Monday and one of them is very long so I get a very long break in which I can get a lot done. Since it is the end of the year though, I really do not have that much that needs to be done.

I think the break will be good for me. It is giving me something to look forward to so hopefully this week will go faster. Plus, with the day off next week, it will make next week shorter. And, it is giving me a break, just like the Samaritans suggested for me a couple weeks ago.


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