I Got Promoted!

Yesterday, I learned that I got a promotion at the amusement park where I work during the summer! I will still be dealing with rides, but now I will also be doing training. I am very excited but also nervous at the same time.

I was approached about the promotion in the middle of last summer but because I had to leave before the end of the summer so that I could get settled and start my teaching job, I was told to email the supervisor next summer if I was still interested. In the meantime, they gave the job to another girl my age that also had two years of experience.

There was a lot of bitterness from the other employees last year when the girl got promoted. Even though the girl had not asked for it, people were blaming the girl saying she got the promotion because she was pretty. That had nothing to do with it. They were also mad that she only had two years of experience. The girl got the promotion because she was constantly volunteering to work double shifts and because of it, she knew a lot of rides for a second year. Plus, she was a nice person.

Because of people’s bitterness and the fact that I have always loved my job as a ride operator, I was not sure that I wanted the promotion. The last couple weeks, I have been praying to God, asking for some direction on the whole situation. The answer finally came at the beginning of this week when I called the amusement park, asking if I could change my start date. I was told that I would have to contact my supervisor through email. I decided since the supervisor last year had told me to send him an email about the job, I might as well take that as the answer to my prayer. I emailed my supervisor about my start date as well as a reminder that last year he had told me about the new job.

I got the answer yesterday that I could have it. Like I said, I am excited, but I am also nervous. I know a lot of rides, but I am also worried how my friends will take it. I guess they are not real friends if they cannot be happy for me. I am sure I will be fine. God brought this opportunity to me for a reason.


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