Kids and Pop

Today was the last day of school. This morning, when the student arrived, they were talking about the upcoming trip as well as the lunch they had packed. Since it was the last day of school, hot lunch was not being provided. The student were to eat their sack lunches once we got back from the trip. Many of them were talking about the pop they had brought. I made it clear right away that they were not going to get to drink it. The school does not allow pop at lunch and I did not care that it was the last day. There was going to be no exception. I might have made an exception if my class was one that was well behaved but after a year with my students, I knew that they would use the opportunity to have pop as an excuse to act wild. Plus, I knew they had brought money to buy junk from the concession stand. It was not like they needed the drink anyway.

One of my students would just not drop it. On the trip, he argued several times that he was going to have nothing to drink. I told him he could have water. He also argued several times after we got back. I finally told him that if he wanted to argue, he could go talk to the principal.

I do not understand why parents allow their kids to have pop. My mom only let me have it when we went out to eat. It was a special treat. I never would have gotten one in my lunch box. I was lucky if I even got a juice pouch.

One time, at a school concert, I saw one of my students that has ADHD drinking pop. Another teacher and I were astounded. This kid has enough energy and focus problems. He does not need the extra stimulant of caffeine and sugar.

Since I did not allow the kids to have their pop, they can just have it at home. Maybe now parents can have a taste of what I had to go through this entire year.


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