The Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school. I cannot believe I made it. Especially since it was just over a month ago when I emailed the Samaritans after feeling suicidal and said that I could not make it through the school year.

It was definitely not an easy day, despite getting out early. This morning, the entire elementary school was going on a short trip. I was dreading the bus trip because last week, my students had to ride the bus to a school event and they were horrible. There is a reason I decided my difficult class was not going on a field trip on our own. Today, I made sure my class was the first one on the bus and then I spread them out so that they were not near other people from our class (except their seat partners and I had planned those groups). Surprisingly, they were well behaved on the way there. It was on the way back that there were problems but it was a student from my class and a student from another class.

Once we got back, the students had to eat their sack lunch they had brought from home. This led to an argument because many of the students had packed pop. The school forbids pop at lunch. I know many teachers would probably make an exception since it was the last day but I did not care. My students had had enough sugar from buying things at the concession stand on the trip. Plus, they have horrible behavior all the time. They would use the excuse of having pop in their system to act even worse.

After lunch, we watched a movie and went to recess. Then, finally, the day was over. It was a long day despite getting out early. I have finally made it though. I have made it through my first year as a teacher with very difficult students. I thought this day would never come.


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