My New Job at the Amusement Park

It has been a crazy week. As many of you know, I work at an amusement park during the summer. After the rough year of teaching, I could not wait to leave my tiny town and difficult class to move to the city where I could run amusement park rides for the summer.

I got news that I got promoted at the amusement park a couple weeks ago and this week was my first week. I am not going to be too specific on all of my responsibilities with the intention of remaining anonymous but the main part of my job is training on the rides. I really like it because as a teacher, I get to pass on my knowledge with others. I get a lot of satisfaction watching someone successfully run a ride. I was a little frustrated today though when I had some people not really try or stay focused during their training.

I absolutely love my new job. I have gotten the opportunity to learn so many new rides this week. I have a lot of new responsibilities (not going to be specific) and I absolutely love all the learning involved.

I have been very busy and I cannot believe how fast each day goes. That is quite a change from this school year when the days and weeks and months dragged on and all I could think about were my mental problems. Cutting is far from my mind. It is hard to believe that I was even feeling suicidal a month ago.


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