The Girl Who Will Probably Be Fired

Last year, I had the privilege or working with a girl at the amusement park that talked the entire shift about wanting to beat someone up. She had had a bad night and that was the reasoning behind her words. But I was still very scared to work with her. I was afraid that after all the talk, she would snap and take it out on me.

This year, she is not much better. Many of the other supervisors and ride operators have complained about her both for her actions and words. I am actually waiting for the day when she will get fired (that is really sad).

Yesterday, a supervisor had to pry her cell phone out of her hand because they are not allowed in the park. The same supervisor had issues with the girl again today when she told him she refused to buy her own water bottle because she wanted to make him fetch her water all summer whenever she called.

Today, I worked with her for a few minutes and I was glad when I finally got to leave. Even though the girl did not do anything dangerous, I still had to listen to her complain the whole time. First, she complained about her shift. She wants to change shifts. She knows she cannot change shifts right now because they are short on people for the one shift. She has been told she will be able to switch when more people are working. And even though she knows who does the scheduling, she still felt the need to complain to me. And I told her what she had been told before.

After that, she complained about how she had looked for other jobs but could not find one. I personally can see why she cannot find another job. She has such a bad attitude and does not follow the directions. It has to be only a matter of time before she is let go.


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