An Immature Woman

Yesterday at the amusement park, I was at a ride setting up queue lines. This particular ride has an odd requirement in which a person must be a certain height in order to go and a different height in order to go alone. It really confuses people.

A woman in line had two kids with her. The one kid was too short to go and the other needed to have someone go with him. When the woman was told this, she started muttering/backtalking. Then, she walked away.

Now, this is not the first time a guest has gotten mad about the rules. But this guest really got me thinking. Her actions were really immature. Plus, she was setting a very bad example for her kids. As a teacher, I know the problems that kids have nowadays. Parents are definitely not helping. It makes me wonder if this woman speaks to her boss that way when she does not agree with the rules.

Plus, it seems like some people are just out to have a bad day. They are determined to bring people down with them. Like I said though, this sort of thing happens all the time so I do not let it bother me. But people really should think about their actions and how it reflects on them as well as the impact.


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