I Have Never Had So Many People Mad at Me

Part of my responsibilities with my new job at the amusement park is to close down rides. This means cutting the queue lines at the right time so that the park can close at the time advertised. Most of the time, this means cutting it a few minutes before closing time to allow for one final ride. But last night, we had our first large crowd of the season and this meant closing several lines much earlier.

The ride I was doing got cut twenty minutes before closing. And during that time, I had so many people mad at me. Some people took the news with a little disappointment but they walked away without an argument. I finally let one girl join her friend since the girl would be riding alone but I drew the line at the other friends that wanted to join her. If they all wanted to ride, they should have been in line in the first place.

At the last ride, a woman could see that there were several empty seats. She thought we should just fill up the rest of those seats. I can understand her reasoning. But we have to draw the line somewhere. And if we continue to let people in line, we would soon be running another ride.

Even though it is part of my job to close lines, I still do not like having so many people mad at me.


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