What is Going Through Your Mind?

I have a friend at the amusement park that wants the same promotion that I got. It is a great goal and we will be looking for a few more people in a few weeks. However, this friend has a funny way of showing that he wants the promotion.

This guy graduated from high school a few weeks ago but despite being done with school, he still did not work the first full week of operations. He was put on the schedule the next week but then he said that he could not work at all that week. He also said that he needed to be done about halfway through June because he needs to get ready for college.

I was talking to him the other day and he still really wants the promotion. He told me he was going to work really hard in the next two weeks and see where it got him. He made it sound like he would stay longer if he got the promotion. I did not have the heart to tell him that he was not even being considered because of his crazy schedule.

His hard work really showed yesterday when he got caught with his cell phone.

The promotion would involve lots of hours and they want someone that they can rely on. Plus, he just turned eighteen so he hardly knows how to operate any rides. Last year, all he could do were assist jobs and kiddie rides. How can he train people how to operate rides when he does not know them himself?

I am having trouble understanding what is going through my friend’s mind. I guess it is not my problem though. It will be up to him to show that he deserves the job.


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