Happy ‘Pick on Kimberly Day’

Today must have been Pick on Kimberly Day. It just seemed like everyone was out to be rotten to me. It started shortly after I arrived at work and asked to fill in on a ride. I had not been there very long when we had a large older guest that struggled to get off the ride. She managed to get on just fine but we had a hard time getting her off. We are also not allowed to do more than offer a hand. Only the first aid personnel can help. I called them and asked for assistance and they got mad at me for letting her on the ride in the first place. I had no idea when she got on because she had no problems. Ride operators cannot possibly call in every older overweight guest or first aid would never get anything done.

It was shortly after that when the ride operator decided to be a snob. Even though all of us were following the rules, she decided to remind me of the rules and act like a superior. It was not necessary. I know I should not let the woman get to me. I have heard that she is a very ‘interesting’ person and can be hard to work with. Still, the comment was not appropriate.

Not long after that, I was at a roller coaster when a guest complained to me that the ride operator would not let him wait in line for the front. I explained that every operator is different and that the shift would be changing in a few minutes. He did not stick around though for the explanation. He just walked away which I thought was very rude. If you want to complain, you should at least wait for an answer to your problem. And not getting the front of a roller coaster is a stupid thing to complain to a supervisor about. I know the front is an awesome seat but still.

I know not everyday at work is going to be wonderful. It also annoys me how much I let small things bother me. But there you go. Happy Pick on Kimberly Day.


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