The Golden Rule

Yesterday, a woman stopped me at the amusement park to complain about the way she had been treated at one of the rides. I offered to call someone for her to talk to since I do not handle that sort of thing and she gets mad and walks away because I did not do anything. Hello! I just offered to call someone for her. I can understand why she had a problem on the ride. She was very rude. She is probably just as much to blame as the other person.

Some people these days are out to get everyone. You get what you put into life though. There is always the age long rule of treating people the way you want to be treated. Obviously, this woman wants to be treated badly because that is the way she treated me. I was not there for the incident in question but my guess is that she brought it on herself.

The woman’s response to me last night really bothered me. I know I should have just forgotten about it but I have anxiety and OCD. I cannot just let things go. I so badly wanted to cut last night. I have been clean since January 5th though. I have a feeling I will pick up the habit again once school starts (I am hoping I will remain strong) but in the meantime, I am proud for making it almost six months.

The woman’s response though got me thinking about a phrase I read on Google Images one time though: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will tear my skin apart. Even though it would be my fault if I cut because I am the one behind the blade and the one letting her get to me, it still makes me think about the power behind someone’s words.


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