Always Late

The other day, one of the really good teen works got in trouble for constantly being late so she just walked out. It was really sad because she was such a good worker, with the exception of always being late. I could not believe that she would leave just because of the lateness lecture. But then it got me thinking about something that happened to me several years ago.

Several summers ago, I was a pool manager. It was the worst experience I had ever had. But one day, I was late. I had good reason though. My boss told all the pool employees that we needed to arrive thirty minutes before opening. I had been doing that until it came time for swim lessons. Swim lessons started at eight o’clock in the morning. I got up early each morning and showed up thirty minutes early so that I could open the doors and test the water. And then I would sit, all alone.

The lifeguards did not show up thirty minutes early. They would literally show up at 7:59. The kids taking swim lessons would also show up at about the same time. There was no reason for me to be there so early. I decided I could wait ten more minutes before coming. And then, my boss discovered what I was doing.

I got a call at 7:34. I was out at my car, getting ready to go. I would be there in just a couple minutes. But my boss wanted to know where I was. He told me that I needed to be there thirty minutes early because that is when the water needed to be tested. I was angry because my boss never took the water testing seriously. I had been told at the beginning that if the water was at a certain level, the pool was not to open. Despite it being at the bad levels several times, my boss did not care (and later got in trouble with a health inspector for it).

I get to the pool and open the doors and then go to test the water. That is when I discovered that my boss had already done it at 7:20!!! That made me even angrier.

Later, the other manager and I decided the reason I got the lecture was because he was mad about something the other manager and I had decided to do the night before. I ended up quitting the next morning but it was not just because of the late lecture. Something had happened that night and that was on top of everything that had happened that summer. I had just had enough.

So maybe there was more to the girl walking out the other day. She will definitely be missed though.


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