Family Pictures

Yesterday, I traveled three hours from the amusement park to my parents’ house. My grandparents were celebrating their birthdays today.

I decided to leave the party about ten minutes early. I needed to get back so that I can go to work tomorrow. But I could not leave because my aunt wanted family pictures.

I was very irritated with the idea. First of all, because I had to wait at least ten minutes before the pictures had to start. Then, there was the idea that I had to do pictures at all.

I hate my picture being taken. I am not the most attractive person. I have frizzy brown hair that has a mind of its own. Plus, I have trichotillomania so I have bald spots in my eyebrows. Also, I have no fashion sense and my glasses always seem to glare.

The other reason I hate doing pictures is because when I was a kid, my mom used to insist on my brothers and I getting a group picture taken every year. We would always be there for over an hour and the photographer would only take about five pictures total during that time. My brothers were not always the best behaved but the photographer would wait too long to take the picture and then my brothers would move.

So I reluctantly stayed to do the family pictures. I guess the pictures mean a lot to my aunt and maybe a few others. I guess the idea irritates me because we just had a family get-together a year or two ago and we did pictures then. Nobody has really changed since then.


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