Promotion without the Work

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend that wanted to be promoted but had a funny way of showing it. He did not start work at the beginning of the season even though he had graduated from high school. He did not come in the week after that even though he was scheduled to work.

After that, he would call in at least once a week saying that he was sick. We would always laugh when the call came in because there was another girl that would always call in the same day. We knew neither of them were sick because they were both friends. They finally got in trouble for that.

Then, my friend got caught with his cell phone while working. The first offense is just a warning though. I am not sure how many warnings you get before you lose your job.

Last week, my friend left. I do not know if he resigned or if he got fired. The other girl is no longer working either. On Facebook, he mentioned that he got a new job.

I just think all of this guy’s actions are extremely odd because he wanted the promotion (he never would have gotten it because of his age) but apparently was not willing to work for it.


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