Damage Control

I hate doing my eyebrows. I hate the obligation that females must have thin, beautiful eyebrows. There are other activities I would rather do then make my eyebrows look nice. It is even harder for me to grab a pair of tweezers and start pulling hair because of my OCD. My OCD prevents me from doing my eyebrows unless I do not have to work the next day. I cannot do my eyebrows on my day off (unless I happen to have two days off). I must do it right after I get off work and have the next day off. I feel like twenty four hours must pass between when I do my eyebrows and when I have to work.

I only have one day off a week so that makes it very difficult to get it done. It is even harder when I work late that night.

Because of my trichotillomania though, I sometimes to do not have much to do. Last night, I mostly had to do damage control. I just had to work to hide the bald spots. It was surprisingly easy. Sometimes, there is nothing I can do.

So for now, my eyebrows look somewhat normal. That will all change though the next time I pull.


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