Amusement Park Tickets

Several weeks ago, a friend from college sent me a Facebook message and asked me if I still worked at the amusement park. She wondered if I could get her discount tickets for a certain day for her family. I told her that I could get discount tickets but I figured that I would have to work the day that she was coming so I promised her I would look into getting her tickets despite me not being present at the ticket booth. I did not actually do any inquiring until today though because when she had messaged me, she still had several more weeks before she was coming.

 My friend messaged me again yesterday and I knew that I needed to get her the information. She had told me at the beginning that she would be coming this weekend. Today at work, I asked what I needed to do in order to get her tickets and then once I got off, I visited the ticket booth and arranged for the tickets. I gave my friend the information through Facebook and then got a message back saying that the date had been changed.

 I was a little upset because my friend had not told me about the date change. Thankfully, I had not paid for the tickets but I had stayed late at work today just to make the arrangements.

 I am not going to be working at the time that my friend wants to come. Unfortunately, I have to go back to school very soon. That means I will not be able to use my discount for my friend. From her Facebook messages after I gave her the news, I think she is disappointed. I don’t blame her. I can get very good discounts. She was trying to ask me if there was other ways to get discounted tickets. There probably are other ways but I do not want to go through all the effort of finding out about these methods.

 I know I should not be angry. Really, it does not matter that she is not coming. It was not like I had been planning to see her. What really annoys me though is that I went to the work to make arrangements and she could not bother to tell me about her changes in plans.


Teenagers and Jobs: Part 2

I have written before about how teenagers need certain skills before getting a job. I have also written some posts about a friend of mine that wanted to be promoted at the amusement park but was not willing to put in the extra effort needed for the promotion. After calling in at least once a week to say that he could not work, he finally either quit or got fired. His Facebook page said that he was going to work at a gas station. That did not last very long though. One day at the park, one of the supervisors said that he had emailed them and asked for his job back. He promised he would do better than before. I honestly thought he would come back but he didn’t. Several weeks after that though, his Facebook page said that he had switched departments at the amusement park. That post did not stay up very long though. And just today, I noticed that his Facebook page said he was getting a job at a fast food place.

I am not sure how many jobs this guy has gone through this summer. I know that it is hard to find a part time job that is enjoyable but this guy is not giving any job any time. And if he is doing the same things he did at the amusement park and calling in every week and texting while working, it is no wonder that he is not making it very long.

Amusement Park Worker

There is a new employee that works at the amusement park that when she talks, it sounds like she is mad at the same time that it sounds like she is bossing you around. Her tone really bothers me. Guests are going to get mad at her too because she does not sound very nice.

My first encounter with her was at closing time after her first day. All of a sudden she comes up to me complaining about the schedule. Her tone sounded mad but not bossy that time. I did not appreciate the tone and really did not want to deal with her. Plus, scheduling is not part of my job. But since she was new and did not know my job duties, I offered her help. A supervisor ended up coming up then and taking care of her. We decided later that her tone was more of a panic than actually anger.

Another night, I came to her ride to help shut it down. I was a little early but it was a busy night at the park so I was helping out as well as watching the line. She decided that since I was there and that the line had slowed down for that particular ride, someone could just go home about twenty minutes early. I had to laugh at that. First of all, it is not in my power to decide to send someone home. Plus, I explained to her that she was going to be sent to help cut some lines very soon. She wanted to go cut lines right away but I explained that I would tell her when. So the rest of the time we were together, I got to listen to her bossy/angry tone.

My next encounter with her was last night. As I was walking out to my car last night, she was looking for someone to give her a ride. Again, she used that awful tone. It was almost like she was demanding me to give her a ride. Not being from the city though, I do not know my way around very well so I explained that to her. I would have given her a ride if her house had been close by because that is the Christian thing to do but unfortunately, I would not have done it gladly because of the way she spoke to me.

The Last Horse

One Saturday night, I was responsible for closing the carousel at the end of night. It was a busy night and people were flocking to the carousel so that it could be the last ride of the night. I cut the line and then told people that if there was space left after that, they could get on. The operator was very busy checking seat belts and counting how many seats were available and then I would send the extras in. Some people were being very nice and letting the kids go on instead of themselves. It was absolutely crazy but finally, the ride was ready to go. And then a woman with a baby comes up and complains that her son did not get to ride. I apologized and told her that it was the last ride and we had filled it to capacity. She tried to tell me that her baby was crying because he could not ride. I really wanted to laugh because the baby was too young to even know what was going on. Plus, it was late at night. The baby should have been in bed instead of at the amusement park. The woman continued to argue and that is when she saw that we had missed one horse. There was one empty horse on the carousel that had not gotten filled. She would not let that last horse go. I apologized again and explained that in the confusion, we had missed one horse. I think she expected me to stop the ride and let her have that one horse but after the ride ended, I helped close it and then I walked away, leaving her to think about the last horse.

First Impressions vs. Lasting Impressions

People say that first impressions are important and I totally agree. A first impression is hard to get past because there is no way of redoing a first impression. Once it has been made, there is no changing it. That is why at job interviews it is important to start out right otherwise there will be no job at the end of it, no matter how well you do afterwards. A first impression can also make the difference between a blooming friendship or passing them off as not worth it.

Sometimes, first impressions can be wrong. There have been people in my life that I could not stand at one point but after I got to know them, I realized that my first impression had been wrong. I have actually become good friends with some of those people. But that is where first impressions are overrided by lasting impressions. And lasting impressions can have just as big of an impact as first impressions. I believe that lasting impressions can make a person completely forget about their first impression of an individual.

The other day, I watched this guy who was really upset let his feelings be known to a supervisor. He was not very nice during the whole thing. What was probably worse was that he did it in front of everybody. Afterwards, the supervisor said that he had always thought the guy had been really nice but now he had changed his mind. I had not really known the guy very well but I had also thought that he seemed nice. But now, I have seen another side of him and now when I see him, I will only be able to think about the incident with the supervisor.

In conclusion, it is important to watch what you say and do from the very start. Not only is it important to make good first impressions but it is also important to maintain those good impressions. Even if you work hard at the very beginning, it can all be for nothing if you lose it. Lasting impressions are just as important as first impressions. Control your emotions and deal with situations appropriately.

My Friend at the Amusement Park

For the last two years, my best friend from college has come visit me while I was working at the amusement park. We would spend the day at the park and then that night, we would go do something else.

Last summer though, it did not seem like my friend really had that great a time at the park. We rode the things she wanted only once. Then, we went to the water park and rode each slide once. Then we went home, changed, and went to the mall. At the mall, it was like my friend was a completely different person. She was totally in her element.

This year, we have kind of drifted apart. We do not talk that often. I really did not think she would want to go the amusement park since she did not enjoy it last year. I really did not want her to come either. But then about a week before I left to start work at the park, she texted me, wondering when she could come visit. I was shocked because we had not talked in a long time and then out of the blue, it was about coming to the park.

My friend keeps texting me, wondering when she can come. The month of May and June did not work because I had to wait for my cousin to go to camp and there was no place for her to sleep but she knows that July does work. I have yet to text her back because I guess I am not really sure I want her to come.

The odd thing though is that I do want to see my friend at a wedding in September. I actually invited her to go with me.

Advice for Teens Looking for a Job

With my new position at the amusement park, I get to work with a lot of teenagers who have never had jobs before. Many of the teenagers do not make it very long. That is why I have decided to offer advice for teenagers about to set foot in the job world. Hopefully, with this advice, teenagers will be more successful at their first job.

1. Be prepared to actually work

Do not expect to get paid to spend time on your cell phone. You wanted the job, now actually do it. Yeah, sometimes the work is not easy or fun, but it is your job. If the work does not get done, you will not find yourself with a job very long.

2. Put away your cell phone

I already mentioned that you are not going to get paid to text. My employer does not allow cell phones out at all. If a person gets caught with their cell phone, they get one warning and then they are let go. Getting fired because of a cell phone is a really stupid reason to lose your job. A person can survive without a cell phone for quite a few hours. It does not need to be out while at work.

3. Do not call in sick all the time

I have had some teenagers that call in at least once a week and say that they are sick. The other supervisors and I are not stupid. We know you are not sick all those times. What makes it even more obvious is when one of your friends also calls in the same day.

4. Do not expect to start at the top

Many of the teenagers I work with want my job. It looks all prestigious because I carry a radio and get to walk around the park fixing rides. But I had to work my way to the top. I had to actually work harder than everyone else in order to get the job. I had to also show people respect and follow the rules. And if you do not follow my advice, there will be no promotion.

Cell Phones and Amusement Parks Don’t Mix

Yesterday, this rides employee told me a horrible story of a guest she had to deal with the other night. This girl had lost her cell phone so the employee looked on the ride but could not find it. The girl was told to check the lost and found. Later, the girl and another person came back to the ride. The other person started swearing loudly and making a big scene in front of the other guests. This was all over the cell phone. I was shocked and horrified about what happened to this employee. And all over a cell phone.

People are way to attached to their cell phones anymore. I have heard stories of accidents happening because people are walking and texting. Of course, there are the familiar stories of people texting and driving. And I cannot even count the number of incidents that involve cell phones on rides (and let me tell you there are not many happy endings for the cell phones).

When I visit the amusement park as a guest, I leave my phone in the car. I do not want it to come out of my pocket on a ride. But some people cannot stay away from their phone that long.

What amazed me most about this employee’s story was that it was all over a cell phone. I was shocked that a woman was willing to forget her ethics over a stupid phone. Obviously, the phone meant more to her than general people. I realize that cell phones can be very expensive but still. A cell phone is not going to get a person far in life. But good manners and values will.

Update on Entitled Amusement Park Visitor

Yesterday, my supervisor talked to me a little more about the amusement park visitor who thought he was entitled to a ride because his son was in a wheelchair. He told me that his whole objective was to get his money back and that he probably had been plotting his plan for several hours. The supervisor told me that the guy complained about several other things, not just me. He also lied about one of his complaints and it was a very obvious lie. The guy said that he waited in line for a certain amount of time on a particular ride. First of all, the guy would have gotten to go up the exit because of the wheelchair so he would not have had to wait in line at all. And, even if he had chosen to wait in line, the longest he would have waited was maybe ten minutes, if that. The ride is not that popular and even on busy days, it is easy to get right on because it holds a lot of people.

The guy picked the wrong person to mess with. And, he chose to be rude and disrespectful to others with the intention of getting a free vacation. That is horrible that a person would be willing to make others feel bad just because they are not willing to pay for their own vacation.

Letter to Amusement Park Visitors #2

Dear Amusement Park Visitors,

I am writing this letter as a way to deal with the events I have recently gone through. Some of what I am about to say might seem harsh. I am sorry. There are some things I have to say. There are also some things I want to say but won’t because I am a Christian.

I want to begin by saying that I am sorry that your son is in a wheelchair. I can only imagine the struggles he will face throughout life, despite the Americans with Disabilities Act. I do sympathize with you. However difficult his life might be though, there are times when he is going to be expected to face his problems head on.

As human beings, we are entitled to nothing on this planet. The government has stepped in though and given all of us some entitlements. They have also given more to those who are less fortunate. That is all very nice.  However, everyone in the world has problems. There are going to be times when we are just going to have to accept our problems and face them head on. There is only so much others can do to help us.

We can play up our problems and demand that people feel sorry for us, but at some point, the sympathizers have to move on. They have their own struggles to deal with. Now, we can demand more sympathy from more people, but then we can come across as greedy. There is a system in place to help those less fortunate, but like I said, we all have problems. The great thing about having problems though is that it teaches us adversity as well as to rely on God.

There is a saying that I want to leave you with: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. It is a rather odd saying. I do not know why flies were ever mentioned. Who wants to deal with flies? However, the meaning behind the saying is there. You will get more from life and other people if you are sweet, rather than if you are rude and bitter. Be polite and show people with respect. You are more likely to get what you want.

I want to say that I will forgive you, in time, for the things you said to me. As a Christian, I am ashamed that I am unable to forgive you right away. Jesus died to forgive all my sins so that is why I must do the same. After awhile, I will come to understanding the events that have unfolded and learned to accept them. Only then will I be able to forgive you.


Kimberly Adams